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The Daikin Spirit of America Golf Classic distributed $17,000 in event proceeds to two local non-profit organizations at a luncheon hosted by Burningtree Country Club on October 26. The tournament, held this year on June 28-July 1 at the club, selects two different charities each year.

Daikin, as the title sponsor, is granted the honor of naming one of the two charities.

This year Daikin selected HANDS Across Decatur. HANDS is a non-profit organization that works closely with the homeless community in the Decatur area. They have provided over 8,200 meals from January through September of this year.

Beyond daily sustenance and care for the estimated 225 homeless in Decatur, HANDS also provides life skills and training opportunities that help individuals integrate back into society, for instance, computer education and GED test preparation.

HANDS Across Decatur is located at 1027 5th Ave SE and they are led by Sue Terrell, their founder, and Executive Director. They rely solely on community support and involvement to accomplish their mission so we’re proud to support HANDS Across Decatur with the $8500 donation.













Pictured: Andy Villarreal, Sue Terrell, and Allan Britnell

With the other half of the proceeds, Andy Villarreal and his Burningtree Country Club supported Decatur Youth Enrichment. Executive Director Maxine Ellison and her team continue to do a great job mentoring the DYE kids to enrich children’s knowledge through academic tutoring, art, music, drama, and travel.













Pictured: Andy Villarreal, Maxine Ellison, and Allan Britnell