About Daikin America

Daikin America: Semicon

Daikin is globally recognized with a wide range of proven fluoropolymer resins for the semiconductor industry. Daikin resins are specified at all major semiconductor device fabricators and have many years of proven results within the supply chain.

For etching solutions, chemical mechanical polishing or related fluid handling and transporting systems, the exceptional chemical resistance and purity that Daikin semiconductor resins offer prevent contamination of process fluids while ensuring major equipment stays up and running.

Daikin high purity PFA resins are fully fluorinated polymers specifically designed for the high demanding applications of the semicon industry. The high purity composition of Daikin HP PFA addresses the mandatory requirement for minimum extractables while providing improved flex life and excellent chemical stress crack resistance.

Products manufactured from Daikin PFA can offer continuous service temperatures of 260°C (500°F) while providing superior creep resistance at these high temperatures. For less demanding semiconductor applications where purity and temperature requirements are less stringent, Daikin offers ETFE and FEP polymers. These high performing polymers offer a more affordable option when compared to PFA and HP PFA polymers.

In addition to the melt processable resins, Daikin also offers a complete line of PTFE molding powders (M grades) that are excellent fine-cut resins and well suited for a variety of demanding chemical, mechanical and non-stick surface applications commonly found in the semiconductor industry. These PTFE resins are fully fluorinated and have the best thermal, electrical and chemical properties of all fluoropolymers with a continuous service temperature rating of 260°C (500°F). They are available in homopolymer and modified fine cut grades.

Daikin PFA, FEP and ETFE resins are processed by conventional melt extrusion techniques and by injection, compression, transfer, roto-molding and blow molding processes. The melt viscosity of Daikin PTFE (M grades) is extremely high in comparison with other thermoplastics due to its high molecular weight. Therefore, special processing techniques are required to mold it. The basic molding method is to pre-form the powder, sinter it, and cool it.

Product Uses

  • Valves (PFA)
  • Valve Bodies (PFA and PTFE)
  • Fittings (PFA, ETFE)
  • Tubing and Pipe (PFA, FEP, ETFE)
  • Chemical containers (lined with PFA coating powder)
  • Spray products (spray guns (PFA), spray nozzles (PFA), coiled tubing (FEP and PFA)
  • High Flow Products (Valves, flare fittings, tubing (PFA and FEP)
  • Surface Mount Manifold Valves (PFA and PTFE)
  • Welding Rod (PFA)
  • Membrane Contactor (PFA) Used to transfer corrosive gases
  • Heat exchangers (PFA) Provides maximum heat transfer for process chemicals while preserving original purity levels
  • High purity chemical Pumps (PTFE & PFA)
  • Bellows & Diaphragms (Modified PTFE)