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Semiconductor manufacturing

Cloud computing, big data, and the industrialization of new chips, like the 3D NAND, have an unprecedented impact on semiconductor manufacturing. Daikin’s fluoro chemical technology -based solutions enable these changes.

Industry Trends

Data center usage has increased, supporting the cloud and big data, as has the demand for SSDs (memory) as a hard-disk alternative. In the future, demand for automotive semiconductors will increase along with the increased use of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and autonomous driving.

Daikin materials used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, such as tubes and values, high purity etching agents, air filters, and sealing materials, improve productivity and enhance quality control.


Innovative Solutions for Semicon

Semiconductor manufacturing processes

Daikin’s range of dry and wet etchants enable semiconductor producers to achieve a high purity level and yield in the etching process.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Materials for semiconductor manufacturing equipment require a high level of cleanliness, excellent chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

Chemical supply equipment

Fluoropolymers with high purity and excellent chemical resistance are widely used in chemical supply equipment.

Exhaust ducts

Fluoropolymer coatings with excellent chemical resistance and flame resistance are used on exhaust ducts due to corrosive gas