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Characteristically, fluorochemical products are used not only in industrial products but also for life sciences. Fluoro materials contribute to the development of medical devices and drug discovery via their excellent chemical resistance, lubricity and cleanliness, and fluorine-containing intermediates.

Industry Trends

Various fluorine-containing compounds enhance the efficacy of pharmaceuticals and pesticides. In addition, as a high level of purity is required for the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, fluoropolymers are used in fluid transport equipment and control devices. Lastly, as medical devices must withstand the use of strong sterilants, the chemical resistance of fluoro materials is necessary.


Innovative Solutions for Healthcare


Various pharmaceuticals contain fluorine to increase medicinal efficacy.

Biomedical robots

Pharmaceutical manufacturing robots are regularly sterilized, they use fluoro materials with excellent chemical resistance in wiring and coatings.

Flexible endoscopes

Fluoro materials with excellent chemical resistance are used in flexible endoscopes to withstand the disinfection and sterilization required after operations.

Medical Apparel gowns, Packs, Face masks, Sterilization wipes

As medical clothing like surgical gowns require barrier properties against body fluids, UNIDYNE water and oil repellents is used.

Indwelling needles

In order to reduce friction, fluoropolymers are used for the indwelling needle.

Dialysis machines

Fluoro materials are used in parts for dialysis machines to improve chemical resistance.

Catheters and Guide wires

Fluoro materials are used in catheters and guide wires to improve sliding.