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Daikin fluoropolymers solve challenging product performance issues for drug delivery and medical devices. This is done by offering a wide variety of unique engineering properties such as:

  • Low coefficient of friction which offers excellent natural lubricity and eliminates the need for silicone coatings
  • Exceptional barrier properties that prevent moisture intrusion thereby extending product shelf life
  • Excellent chemical resistance that provides low/no extractable or leachable compounds that could interfere with sensitive pharmaceutical formulae
  • Outstanding bio-inertness that is seldom equaled
  • Physical properties that remain constant throughout a wide range of temperatures (boiling to cryogenic)

Daikin fluoropolymers have been used in a wide variety of traditional medical applications as well as emerging innovations. Materials are USP Class VI and Cytotoxicity tested and meet the standard. When pushing the limits of traditional materials, Daikin products help make the impossible possible.


Fluoropolymers have long been highly regarded as a superior catheter material for the healthcare industry. Daikin offers a wide variety of products for use as medical tubing and catheters ranging from PTFE and FEP to our newest product EFEP. EFEP is a lower temperature fluoropolymer that bonds to other materials and surfaces such as Nylon, PEBA, EVOH, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Benefits of Daikin Fluoropolymers in Catheter/Tubing Applications:

  • Low Coefficient of Friction for ease of device delivery inside the tubing
  • Low Surface Energy prevents biofilm buildup and improves consistency of dosages
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance; low/no extractables or leachables
  • Co-Extrusion options are available

Drug Delivery

Drug delivery mechanisms today must be much more sophisticated than in years past as the treatments they are delivering are more fragile and more reactive than ever.

Industry issues such as stick-slip, silicone interaction and over/under dosing can now be considered a thing of the past as Daikin PFA and FEP are helping to solve these and similar product performance and design engineering issues.

Benefits of using Daikin Fluoropolymers in Drug Delivery Applications:

  • Low coefficient of friction; 4x better than Polypropylene or HDPE
  • Low surface energy prevents biofilm buildup and improves consistency of dosages
  • Outstanding moisture barrier properties results in longer product shelf life
  • Excellent chemical resistance prevents interaction with the drugs being delivered

Pharmaceutical/Biological Containment

Today’s pharmaceutical industry continues to develop advanced drug therapies that often push the limits of bio-chemistry. While innovative and life-changing, they can also be very fragile, expensive and easily susceptible to contamination during interaction with the containment vessel. Daikin Fluoropolymers such as PFA and FEP offer an inert, chemically resistant property mix that also allows the user to recover all the product that is contained within the vessel. Additionally, pharmaceuticals packaged in PFA containers can be stored under a wide range of temperatures without risk of vessel breakage or polymer extraction that results in pharmaceutical loss or cross-contamination.

Benefits of using Daikin Fluoropolymers in Pharmaceutical/Biological Containment Vessels:

  • High Purity; no leachables or extractables
  • Inert; will not react to a broad range of chemicals under wide temperature range
  • Low Surface Energy; high contact angle (98°) prevents biofilm build up and allows for complete recovery of stored contents. “Every drop that goes in, goes out”.

US Pharmacopeia Class VI

Daikin has tested representative samples of its fluoropolymer products in accordance to USP Class VI protocols. All samples that have been tested meet these standards.

Tests to USP Class VI protocols have been performed on virgin material and not on finished products. If further testing to USP Class VI standards is required by each device manufacturer, it is their responsibility to do so.

For more information about DAIKIN products that meet USP Class VI requirements, please contact your Daikin representative.