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Film and Sheet

Fluoropolymer films excel in properties such as non-stickiness, low permeability, weather resistance, antifouling property, heat resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardancy and electrical properties. The potential applications are broad, from liners used in chemical containers to roofing membranes and photovoltaic solar cells. DAIKIN’s POLYFLON PTFE and NEOFLON answer the challenging demand for films and membranes processors.

Industry Trends

DAIKIN fluoropolymer films and resin for films conversion are used throughout the world to protect people and goods from the weather, humidity and hazardous. They are used in a wide range of fields such as:

  • architecture (roofing membrane, claddings)
  • energy (Solar cell)
  • medical (pharma packaging, liners for containers)
  • outdoor gears (tents, structures)

Films for the construction of the future

NEOFLON ETFE films have gained attention and are now being considered as a premium material for transparent cladding applications whether in roofing or facade construction. They fit in the modern architectural designs expectations, requiring flexibility and thin materials. ETFE films combine water resistance and breathability, offering an appreciated comfort in use. They significantly reduce the maintenance of building structures and improve their safety thanks to their flame retardant properties.

Higher energy yield photovoltaic

The need to improve photovoltaic energy yield and extend their service life is critical to obtain a truly sustainable power supply alternative. Fluoropolymer films as Neoflon have proven successes as:

  • Front sheets: protected by NEOFLON fluoropolymer film it provides the cell excellent weather resistance, ultraviolet blocking, optical transparency, fire resistance
  • Back sheets: improve electrical insulation and protect the system from weathering and chemicals

Film and Sheet produced faster and better

DAIKIN PPA additives significantly contribute to increasing film and sheet process and quality. A very low dosage of a few hundred parts per million in the resin is necessary to reach outstanding performance. DAIKIN PPA used as reduces defects, eliminates die build-up and die lines, reduce melt fracture and increases gloss and lessens film haze. PPA also reduces cleaning time during color change enabling.

Film and Sheet produced faster and better


Innovative Solutions for Film & Sheet

Weather resistant film (roof membrane)

Membranes based on NEOFLON ETFE fluoropolymers are used in the construction of large roofs. They protect the entertainment and sports facilities by providing a lightweight solution, resistant to harsh weather and durability.

Polymer additives

DAIKIN has developed a platform of additives and processing aids based on the Fluorine technology. With solutions, available for conventional plastics such as polyamide, polyacetal, polyester, polycarbonate or TPE, but also films, they impart to the final material the intrinsic properties of fluoropolymers.

Photovoltaic Solar cell

Back Sheet:
Weather resistant resin ZEFFLE are used for surface protection of solar cell backsheet. They contribute to to efficient photovoltaic power generation by extending life of solar cells and reducing the power generation cost.
Front sheet:
NEOFLON ETFE films having excellent weather resistance and mechanical strength are used for surface protection of front sheet of solar cell.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Fluoropolymer films (NEOFLON PCTFE film) are used for drug stopper in co-extrusion with rubber, taking advantage that inert to chemicals. PCTFE have the highest moisture resistance among resins, and it is used for drug PTP (Press Through Pack) packaging.

Sheet lining

NEOFLON PFA Film has superior chemical resistance. This material can provide maintain robustness and flexibility over a wide temperature range.