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Daikin’s DAI-EL fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer products provide excellent high temperature and aggressive fluid resistance in sealing and fluid transport applications for automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical process, small engine, and other harsh sealing environments.

DAI-EL: Applications

Daikin’s DAI-EL fluoroelastomer products are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. In general, fluoroelastomers and perfluoroelastomers are selected due to their superior heat and chemical resistance when compared with other types of rubber. While each market requires different balances of those strengths, DAI-EL can offer grades that exceed most any requirement.


In the aerospace industry, high operating temperatures and high altitudes require superior heat resistance and low temperature performance. Consider LT-304 for wire and cable products where low temperature flexibility to -30°C is required. GA-15 provides the chemical resistance of a perfluoroelastomer with a glass transition temperature of -15°C. Below please find technical reports on compounds developed to satisfy several aerospace specifications.

AMS7276H covers FKM O-rings and cord, compression seals and gaskets used in fuel and engine oil systems requiring high temperature fluid resistance and low compression set. Please see this technical service report for a black compound based on DAI-EL G-384 that satisfies the requirements of AMS7276H.

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AMS7257E covers perfluoroelastomer molded rings, compression seals, O-ring cord, and gaskets used in the aerospace industry requiring high temperature resistance. DAI-EL has developed a black perfluoroelastomer compound, GA-5508002, to meet this specification.

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As OEMs continue to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, eliminate fluid leaks and improve the efficiency of their systems, DAI-EL continues creating improved grades to provide superior solutions. New grades such as G-962 and GBR-6002 offer better processing, better sealing at low temperatures and better resistance to long life lubricants and coolants. Expected service performance in fuels, coolants, and other fluids for DAI-EL products can be found in our Chemical Resistance Guide. Numerous grades and compounds have been developed and tested to meet OEM specifications; contact the DAI-EL technical service team today to learn more.


Aggressive chemicals, steam, acids, and bases require sealing materials with above average fluid resistance and long term operability. DAI-EL FKM can achieve excellent compression set resistance at many levels of fluorine content to perfectly meet the needs of your process. Processing is easier than ever before with new grades, such as G-962, engineered to have improved flow in injection molding operations.


As Moore’s law marches on, wearable electronic devices are becoming increasingly popular. Soft, flexible, non-reactive materials that do not degrade in contact with oils and perspiration are required to serve this market and DAI-EL has grades approved and in use. Contact Cri-Tech for more information on color development and matching for those products where black or white simply won’t do.

Oil & Gas

Drilling muds and other downhole fluids contain additives that can rapidly degrade other types of rubber. DAI-EL fluoroelastomers and base resistant grades specifically, were developed to serve this industry and solve the most difficult sealing challenges. GBR-6002 is a 25 Mooney Type 6 FKM that offers excellent steam, amine, and fuel resistance at elevated temperatures. With a TR-10 of -12°C, GBR-6002 offers the best low temperature performance of any base resistant fluoroelastomer in service today. See the DAI-EL Chemical Resistance Guide or contact the DAI-EL technical service team for more information.


DAI-EL perfluoroelastomers offer excellent resistance to long-term exposure to hot aqueous environments. GA-105 is manufactured with super cleanliness in mind and contains metal ion contamination under 1 ppm. For superior sealing at temperatures up to 300°C and extremely low metal ion content, consider using GA-500. All grades are available as base polymer, or full compound. DAI-EL FFKM meets the needs of many satisfied customers in the semiconductor industry.



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