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DEMNUM is a perfluoropolyether oil with a linear molecular chain. It has extremely high thermal and chemical stability and is ideally suited for applications in which a lubricating oil requires a high degree of purity and cleanliness. It is commonly used as a vacuum pump oil in semiconductor and other critical applications.

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DAIFREE is a fluorocarbon based mold release agent. It allows for easy part demolding, reduced part damage during molding, and ease of application. A single application can provide numerous molding cycles due to the high efficiency of the fluorocarbon. DAIFREE is used for rubber, plastic, and urethane molding.

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FTONE is a water and oil repellent coating for metal, plastic, stone, wood, brick, concrete and other building substrates. It provides stain resistance, protection against graffiti, resistance to dirt pick up and an easy clean surface.

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Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries

Fluorinated Electrolytes

Daikin has developed a vast array of fluorinated additives and co-solvents which, when mixed with conventional solvents create, electrolytes that help increase lithium ion battery energy densities, voltage tolerance, cycle life, and battery safety.


Specifically, these fluoro additives and co-solvents address performance shortcomings such as cathode and anode SEI (Solid Electrolyte Interface) dissolution, excessive gas generation, electrolyte decomposition, and other performance limitations which have prevented the development of higher voltage, longer life, and higher energy density/power density battery cells and systems. Daikin has recently been awarded a $0.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to “Develop advanced high performance electrolytes, based on fluorochemistries, which will allow lithium ion batteries to operate at higher voltages and temperatures.” This multi-year research work began in October of 2013. In addition, because of the potential for Daikin fluorinated electrolytes to offer breakthroughs in lithium ion battery performance, Daikin is working closely with the scientists at a number of the National Laboratories such as Argonne National Laboratories, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, and Sandia National Laboratories. Daikin fluorinated electrolytes can be custom mixed to suit the individual needs of battery manufacturers. Daikin energy storage specialists are available to work with the industry to solve its most pressing needs in lithium ion battery applications.

Electrode Binder Resins

Daikin has developed a family of PVDF and VDF copolymer electrode binder resins for use in lithium ion batteries. Standard medium and high molecular weight (mW) resins, VW-410 and VW-450 are available for those in need of typical PVDF binder performance.


To address the demanding needs of the next generation lithium ion battery market, in addition to the specialty needs of the military and aerospace lithium ion battery markets, Daikin has developed VW-750 and VT-475 VDF copolymer binder resins. These new binder resins have superior performance when compared to standard PVDF binder resins. Both VW-750 and VT-475 binder resins are more flexible than PVDF resins which allow for high electrode densities and also longer life cycles due to the increased durability. VW-750 and VT-475 are also more chemically resistant which reduces electrode swelling in the presence of electrolyte at elevated temperatures.


Lithium Primary Batteries

Carbon Monofluoride (CFx)
Daikin is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of CFx. CFx is used as a high energy density cathode material for specialty primary batteries. Daikin manufactures CFx in a process that ensures minimal lot to lot variability. Product consistency is critical not only for CFx based batteries but also for the coming CFx/MnO2 hybrid battery technology being developed for the U.S. Military.
CFx Brochure
PTFE Dispersion
Daikin aqueous PTFE Dispersions have long been used as binder resins for primary battery types such as specialty Lithium batteries. These PTFE resins offer outstanding chemical and thermal resistance and provide excellent support for active electrode materials under the most demanding conditions.
PTFE Dispersions Data Sheet

Electric Double Layer Capacitors or Ultracapacitors (EDLC)

Fluorinated Electrolytes

Electric Double Layer capacitors, often called Ultracapacitors or Supercapacitors, have higher power density than batteries but much less energy density. Achieving higher voltage with these devices through the use of Daikin fluorinated electrolyte is critical to their future growth due to the increased energy density that can be achieved. Ultracapacitors are experiencing a rapid growth period and more applications will become available as cell voltages are increased, operating temperature ranges and energy densities are increased. Daikin fluorinated electrolytes are ideally suited to enable these gains and are being evaluated extensively by industry experts.


All Daikin products are available for sampling. Daikin energy storage specialists are available to help fit Daikin fluorinated electrolytes to suit your needs in this rapidly expanding market.