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For nearly 80 years, Daikin has been a leading producer of fluorine refrigerants.

As the industry faces the regulations to phase out Ozone Depleting Substances, known as the Montreal Protocol, Daikin has been at the forefront of the drive to provide environmental friendly refrigerants. In 1991, we began Asia’s first mass production of HFC-134a, and in 1997, we built the world’s first commercial scale plant of HFC-32.

Daikin is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. With this unique situation, we continue to develop new refrigerants, which can raise energy efficiency on equipment and lessen the environmental impact. Daikin is committed to explore and adopt cutting-edge technology, in order to continually offer value-added and solution-based products and services to customers.

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Daikin carries a full line of refrigerant gases for OEM and service in North America in packages from 25lb to ISO tank and Railcar.

HFC 134a
HFC-134a is used as a refrigerant R-134a in applications that include automotive air conditioning, commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, domestic appliances and as a retrofit product for existing R-12 systems. Additionally, HFC-134a is used as a plastics and foam blowing agent, propellant, and medical propellant. Technical Data Sheet
Used as a refrigerant for low temperature and medium temperature commercial refrigeration, domestic refrigeration and food processing. Technical Data Sheet
R-407A is mainly used as a refrigerant for low temperature and medium temperature commercial refrigeration. Consider also Daikin Creard R-407H which provides an even higher efficiency solution for similar applications at a GWP of 1380. Technical Data Sheet

Used as a refrigerant for domestic and commercial air conditioning and heat pump applications. It can also be used for low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. R-407C is the recommended refrigerant for retrofit of R22 in domestic and commercial HVAC, providing the closest match in capacity and efficiency.

Daikin Creard R-407H is a new, cost-effective, high efficiency, lower GWP refrigerant gas for refrigeration contractors and distributors. Relying on proven traditional chemistry, it is built as a replacement for R-404A, R-507A, R-407A/F, R-22 and other high GWP refrigerant blends in medium temperature and low temperature refrigeration applications. Applicable to new systems and retrofits, and to all refrigeration applications such as commercial refrigeration racks, cold storage warehouses, walk-ins and standalones. Compared to R-404A, R-407H provides more cooling capacity, 6%-12% better energy efficiency, 62% reduction in GWP.

The main refrigerant used today for HVAC and heat pump applications in split systems, mini split systems, VRV’s and packaged rooftops. Technical Data Sheet
R-22 is a legacy refrigerant used in medium and low temperature refrigeration, commercial air conditioning, domestic air conditioning and heat pumps, automotive and many other applications. At Daikin we are committed to providing secure and stable R-22 supply to our customers and their legacy equipment. Technical Data Sheet

Retrofit – Information

With the phaseout of R-22, it is important to give customers an option to retrofit their equipment which may have years of working life remaining, to more economical alternatives.

Daikin developed a retrofit guide for contractors and distributors to address the replacement of R22 in domestic and light commercial HVAC and Heat Pump Systems with R-407C.

For R22 retrofits in Commercial refrigeration in both medium and low temperature, walk in coolers and freezers and remote condensers, we developed a retrofit guide to low GWP R-407H.

Download R-407C Retrofit Guide for HVAC Units

Download R-407H Retrofit Guide for R22 systems

R-407H Retrofit Guide for R-404A systems by Daikin Europe


DAIKIN Refrigerants Calculation Software

  • Calculation of thermo-physical properties
  • Enables cycle calculation and pipe sizing for efficiency and capacity.
  • Full flexibility by data export to Excel.

Download Windows version

DAIKIN Refrigerants App

Quick access to basic physical data and temperature/pressure reference for a wide range of refrigerants.

Press Releases

Frascold Approval on use of R-407H

After some preliminary tests with the refrigerant R407H, we declare here that Frascold approves the installation of its standard Reciprocating Compressors operating with refrigerant R407H. Download Full Bulletin

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