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Building and Construction

The building and construction industry is facing new challenges, with rapid urbanization, a globally growing population, and the need to minimize environmental impacts. To meet these challenges, DAIKIN proposes environmental solutions using fluoro chemical technology.

Industry Trends

With rapid urbanization, there is increasing investment in infrastructure such as office buildings, housing, and transportation networks. The challenge for the construction industry is to achieve both functionality and cost effectiveness.

Daikin contributes to the creation of a safe and comfortable society by enhancing and maintaining the value of urban infrastructure through the properties of fluorine-based materials, such as weather resistance, durability, safety, and ease of maintenance.


Innovative Solutions for Building & Construction

Building exteriors

To maintain the aesthetics of modern buildings and exterior walls over a long period of time, exterior wall paints must have excellent weatherability.

Communication cables

Communication cables for high-rise buildings and data centers are required to have excellent insulation and non-flammability.

Heavy duty anti-corrosion paints

Marine bridges and outdoor tanks are used under extremely harsh conditions, requiring exterior fluoropolymer paints with excellent weatherability and anti-corrosion properties.


Fluoro materials are used in photovoltaic power generation systems to improve weather resistance and durability.

Membrane structure roofing materials

Lightweight roof membranes in large sports facilities require excellent weather resistance, making fluoropolymers the ideal material solution.