Daikin America Fluoroelastomers

Specialty Elastomers

Daikin offers a pair of specialty fluoroelastomer products for unique applications where FKM or FFKM won’t suffice.

DAI-EL G-101 is a liquid fluoroelastomer and an excellent processing aid and hardness modifier. Adding a few parts per hundred rubber to a bisphenol cured copolymer compound results in smoother extrusions and moderate reduction in hardness, modulus, and tensile strength while improving elongation significantly.

DAI-EL T-530 is the first thermoplastic fluoroelastomer. Although it performs as an elastomer below its melting point, above its melting point it flows like a thermoplastic material.

Specialty Elastomers
Grade Defining Characteristics
G-101 Fluorinated rubber-type plasticizer. Liquid above 70°C. 500 Poise @ 60°C
T-530 Thermoplastic elastomer, melt processable. No compounding or cross-linking required. MFR 22 @ 250°C. USP Class VI Certification