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Daikin’s DAI-EL fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer products provide excellent high temperature and aggressive fluid resistance in sealing and fluid transport applications for automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical process, small engine, and other harsh sealing environments.

Specialty Elastomers

Daikin offers a pair of specialty fluoroelastomer products for unique applications where FKM or FFKM won’t suffice.

DAI-EL G-101 is a liquid fluoroelastomer and an excellent processing aid and hardness modifier. Adding a few parts per hundred rubber to a bisphenol cured copolymer compound results in smoother extrusions and moderate reduction in hardness, modulus, and tensile strength while improving elongation significantly.

DAI-EL T-530 is the first thermoplastic fluoroelastomer. Although it performs as an elastomer below its melting point, above its melting point it flows like a thermoplastic material.

Specialty Elastomers
Grade Defining Characteristics
G-101 Fluorinated rubber-type plasticizer. Liquid above 70°C. 500 Poise @ 60°C
T-530 Thermoplastic elastomer, melt processable. No compounding or cross-linking required. MFR 22 @ 250°C. USP Class VI Certification



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