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Fluoropolymers are widely used in automotives, aerospace, semiconductors, electronics and common household appliances because of their unique non-adhesive and low friction properties as well as their superior heat, chemical and weather resistance and superior electrical properties compared with the other polymers.


Fluoropolymers designed to stand the most extreme and unique conditions

Automotive fuel tubes, roofing membranes, semiconductor or wires have in common to endure the most extreme operating conditions. From chemical resistance or harsh outdoor exposure, these parts are expected to stand a broad scope of aggression, while ensuring heat stability or good electrical properties.

To meet these demanding and various expectations, DAIKIN has developed two exhaustive range of Fluoropolymers:

  • POLYFLON Series, a variety of high-performance PTFE. Available in fine powder, molding powder or dispersion used for tubes, membranes, etc.
  • NEOFLON Series, a complete array of melt-processable fluoropolymers such as FEP, PFA, ETFE, PCTFE, suitable for pipe, sealant, roofing, etc.

Fluoropolymer Selection guide

This comprehensive selection of fluoropolymers allows engineers to design and develop parts meeting their unique specification. Thanks to a full number of grades available, it enables part producers to dial-in the most appropriated melt flow index, particle size, melting point, strength, flex life, or other polymer property such as

  • Heat resistance/heat stability
  • Weather resistance
  • Low friction
  • Superior electrical properties

This vast range of high-performance fluoropolymers was also engineered to meet the most diverse processing methods. Chemical plants and semiconductors productions require a low to zero maintenance and high purity in the manufacturing. Thanks to their low friction properties, DAIKIN fluoropolymers represent an adequate answer to processing challenges. Because each project specification is unique, DAIKIN Technical Expert supports engineers in selecting the right material and save development time.

Selection Guide

(under development)
Chemical field Chemical resistance
+ Heat resistance
Chemical resistance
+ Mechanical property
Electronics field Electrical property
Electrical property
+ mechanical property
Industry field Low friction
Low expansion coefficient
Other fields Weatherability
Flame retardancy
Optical transparency


Wire and cable
Energy solutions
Oil and gas
Home and living
Tube and hose
Film and sheet

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