About Daikin America

Daikin America: Automotive

Daikin provides best-in-class fluoro-materials to the automotive supply chain globally across a wide range of applications. Daikin’s products and technologies provide superior heat and chemical resistance, weatherability, fuel permeation resistance, and lubricant and additive resistance. In general, Daikin fluoropolymer products provide long-life and reliable performance in harsh, aggressive automotive environments and applications.

Product Uses

With fluoropolymer production facilities in all major regions, as well as technical service support, Daikin’s automotive department services OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Tier One, and Tier Two suppliers of components and assemblies in the following areas:

  • Powertrain Sealing:( DAI-EL FKM, Neoflon PTFE): transmission, driveline, axle, hybrid, differential, wheel seals
  • Fuel Systems: (DAI-EL FKM, Neoflon PTFE, ETFE, EFEP, CPT, Dupra FFKM): fuel tubing, fuel hoses, O-ring seals, check valves, gaskets, fuel tank sender seals
  • Engine Sealing: (DAI-EL FKM, Neoflon PTFE): radial shaft seals, low friction sealing, head gaskets, multi-layer coated steel gaskets, valve cover seals, cam cover seals, valve stem seals, oil pan seal, air intake manifold gasket seals
  • Electronics: (Neoflon ETFE, DAI-EL FKM): wire jacketing, cable jacketing, seals
  • Interior: (Unidyne): stain resistance, soil resistance, UV protection, finger print, smudge resistance, scratch resistance