Daikin America Fluoroelastomers

Base Resistant Elastomers

For some oil and gas and automotive applications the base resistance of fluoroelastomer (FKM) products is not sufficient. FEPM rubber has excellent base and amine resistance but has poor low temperature flexibility, poor fuel resistance, and slow cure speed compared to FKM. DAIKIN has developed new 62% fluorine content polymers which combine the processing advantages of FKM with amine resistance comparable to FEPM. These grades are peroxide curable and post curing can be eliminated if desired. For more information, please contact the DAI-EL technical service team today.

GBR Series
GBR Series Mooney Viscosity Molding Method Defining Characteristics
GBR-6002 25 Injection Base resistant grade with -12°C TR-10
GBR-6005 60 Transfer & Compression Base resistant grade with -12°C TR-10