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Daikin’s DAI-EL fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer products provide excellent high temperature and aggressive fluid resistance in sealing and fluid transport applications for automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical process, small engine, and other harsh sealing environments.

Peroxide Curable Terpolymers

Daikin peroxide curable terpolymers have between 69% and 71% fluorine content. They have better acid resistance, solvent resistance, and overall mechanical properties than bisphenol cured copolymers. As with peroxide cured copolymers, some reduction in heat and compression set resistance is normal compared with bisphenol cured grades. Compression and injection molding, low compression set and lower temperature grades are available. Post curing can be omitted for these polymers.

Peroxide Curable Terpolymers
900 Series
900 Series Mooney Viscosity Fluorine Content Defining Characteristics
G-901 48 71 Suitable for compression and transfer molding
G-902 19 71 Suitable for injection molding
G-912 56 71 Low compression set
G-952 40 69 Suitable for compression and transfer molding. Good balance of fluid resistance and low temperature flexibility
G-962 24 67 Suitable for injection molding with good low temperature properties
G-964 46 67 Suitable for compression and transfer molding with good low temperature properties
G-922 25 70.5 Suitable for injection molding



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