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Coating Resins and Additives

ZEFFLE Series consist of water based and solvent based resin system for high-performance coatings. They are designed to meet most severe outside specifications for building and heavy duty constructions. Beyond film performance, ZEFFLE series offer versatile applications mode while drastically reducing maintenance operation.


Features of ZEFFLE

Weatherability, color retention, and chemical resistance are a prerequisite for architecture coatings. Paint producers expect the most performing binders, to stand the very demanding specifications for outdoor use. However, formulating protective and decorative coatings for building and construction may require to go beyond the film performance. Coatings formulators are looking to offer more application and schedule flexibility to the operator whether it is on-site or in-factory. Additionally, societal and environmental concerns push paint producers to formulate low maintenance coatings delaying the need for repainting.

ZEFFLE Series resins and additives systems are fluoro-based solutions developed to formulate outstanding architectural coatings up to 20 years.

DAIKIN developed this full range of binders offer several options to formulators looking for:

  • Exceptional weatherability
  • Water and soil repellency
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Dirt pick-up
  • Adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Heat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • VOC regulation compliance

ZEFFLE range is composed of:

  • ZEFFLE GK: a solvent-based binder for the demanding specification and extreme conditions
  • ZEFFLE SE: a water-based resin, formulated to meet low VOC regulation

Benefits of ZEFFLE

The coatings developed with ZEFFLE are suitable for an extensive range of substrates including steel, copper, aluminum as well as concrete, wood, plastics, glass and more. They also allow for formulation in a wide range of sheens, from gloss to matte finishes, and a rich palette of colors.

Coatings formulated with ZEFFLE can be heat cured in factory or air cured at ambient temperature whether in cold winter or hot summer. It provides unprecedented flexibility for the applicators as it allows for a high-performance coating to be applied whether on site and or in-factory to adapt to an elaborate production schedule or to limit delays. Also, ZEFFLE formulations enable for a Factory-applied coating to be touched up on the field with color and shine match coatings

DAIKIN engineers developed ZEFFLE solutions to bring top-notched protection on performance, applicability, having in mind economic concerns and low maintenance feature. The result of life cycle cost comparison is particularly striking with a total system cost 3 to 6 time more economical than other paints such as Alkyd or Polyurethane.

ZEFFLE solutions have years of proven track records in Building and Construction, as well as in Industrial applications such as tanks, oils and gas pipes or coil coatings.
DAIKIN Experts are available to discuss the most demanding formulation projects throughout the world.


Solvent based formulations

Grades Type Applications Features
Solvent base fluoropolymer varnish Building and construction
Oil and gas
Coil coating
Outstanding durability
Chemical resistance



Oil and gas
Building and Construction
Home and living

More Products


Fluoropolymers are widely used because of their unique non-adhesive and low friction properties as well as their superior heat, chemical and weather resistance and superior electrical properties.

Fluoropolymer Coatings

DAIKIN’s fluoro coatings allow for the users to enhance the processability of the products and to impart improved characteristics to the final parts.

Fluoropolymer Films

Fluoropolymer films provide parts or production processes outstanding chemical resistance, transparency, weather resistance, heat resistance or more functions.


ZEFFLE: Next generation fluorourethanes and additives

ZEFFLE is a fluoropolymer resin used to formulate coatings with exceptional weatherability, resistance to corrosion and dirt pick-up, self cleaning properties and high adhesion to a wide range of substrates. ZEFFLE next generation fluorourethane is made with tetrafluoroethylene monomer, giving the polymer outstanding chemical, thermal, and weathering resistance. Utilization of ZEFFLE leads to the formulation of coatings with exceptional properties, making ZEFFLE one of the best polymer selections for service life and best weathering coatings available today.

ZEFFLE solventborne and waterborne fluorourethanes are used in a wide range of architectural and industrial paint and coating applications including coil coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, buildings, bridges, storage tanks, and virtually any structure or surface. ZEFFLE is also widely used in the production of photovoltaic (PV) panels, where coatings formulated with ZEFFLE are used to protect polyester backsheets. ZEFFLE can be formulated to achieve the severe weathering and damp heat test requirements necessary to meet IEC standards for PV panels. ZEFFLE coatings are formulated for OEM (coil coating, spray booth) or for field applied coatings. ZEFFLE coatings can be applied as a clear coat or they can be formulated in bright, vibrant colors.

ZEFFLE GH-701 is an additive to solvent-based coatings including our ZEFFLE GK product line. ZEFFLE GH-701 creates a hydrophilic surface on coatings which allows dirt and stains to be easily washed off by rainwater. It is suitable for sites where the aesthetics is important and/or repainting is difficult.


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Daikin America: Aerospace

Daikin fluoropolymers have been used in the aerospace industry for many years. Applications in this market frequently require very demanding performance requirements such as high temperature, low dielectric, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and barrier properties. Engineering developers often utilize these properties either by themselves or in combinations.

When aerospace designers need materials that push the limits of traditional engineering, Daikin fluoropolymers provide the solution with products that enable them to go beyond the boundaries of their concepts.

Product Uses

Daikin offers a variety of grades of materials that are well suited to meet the demanding needs of the aerospace wire and cable market segment: high temperature abilities along with low dielectric and ease of processing.

High Temperature Release Film for Composite Manufacture

To meet the need for greater productivity and ease-of- part release from the tooling after autoclave and out-of-autoclave-curing, Daikin offers both FEP (200°C, 390°F) and ETFE (150°C, 300°F) materials to meet high temperature vacuum-bagging needs.

Surface Coatings

Daikin’s wide variety of surface coating treatments meets diverse demands in the aerospace market, whether for an anti-smudging coating on avionic displays/windows or a fluoropolymer base for the exterior painted coating of an aircraft.

Unidyne Fabric Coatings

Daikin’s Unidyne product line provides a wide variety of surface treatments for fabrics including cabin dividers, cabin carpeting, and seat cover fabrics. Our products increase stain prevention of coated fabrics and provide for easier clean-up.

Fuel Systems (-60°F and above)

FKM and FFKM fluoroelastomer sealing materials are often the material of choice for the most demanding performances requiring high temperature capabilities along with excellent chemical resistance for extended periods of time. Daikin offers the ability to provide custom FKM and FFKM compounds through our Cri-Tech division.


The use of Daikin materials are found in air filtration media; PTFE-coated fiberglass cloth is used as an effective means to provide a clean, economical way to filter the cabin air in commercial jetliners.


Daikin’s OPTOOL surface coating provides a way to treat surfaces that routinely are fouled, smeared or smudged by various substances thereby preventing them from being seen clearly or used effectively. Applications such as touch panel displays, IFE systems, or passenger windows benefit from the use of Daikin’s OPTOOL product offerings.

Exterior Aircraft Coatings

Daikin’s ZEFFLE product line offers a fluoropolymer paint base product that has proven effective in exterior applications requiring a long-term durable finish that is easy to maintain and to keep clean.