Daikin America Fluoroelastomers

Cri-Tech Custom Compounding

Founded in 1977, Cri-Tech is the leader in full service formulation development and custom compounding of high performance elastomers, thermoplastics and specialty products. Cri-Tech operates a 55,000 square foot state of the art mixing facility with separate carbon black and ultra-low contamination “clean” mixing lines. Quality leads the way at Cri-Tech with systems that ensure 100% traceability of the raw materials used in each batch and computerized scale and mixer control. Process and QC data are collected in a single, searchable database for trend analysis and root cause identification. The plant has internal mixers with over 8 million pounds of capacity and has broadened its product offering and material expertise into high performance thermoplastics with the addition of an Inconel twin-screw compounding line sized for both development and specialty production supply.

While Cri-Tech’s internal focus is on quality, their external focus is on you. They tailor their services to match both your material performance and delivery requirements.