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Wire and Cable

The wire and cable industry benefits greatly from the inherent properties in fluoropolymers. With excellent electrical properties, flame-retardancy, and durable under the harshest operating conditions, various wire and cable applications include power supplies, communication systems, electronic devices, and automobiles.

Industry Trends

The wire and cable industry is diversifying and growing due to the increase in next-generation mobile communication networks (5G) and high-speed data. Along with a continued focus on excellent performance and safety, new trends are weight reduction, and satisfying the increase in connections due to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Daikin offers several wire and cable materials with low flammability, high heat resistance, extreme chemical resistance, excellent dielectric properties, and easy processing. Utilizing our material expertise and outstanding customer service, Daikin also offers evaluation and analysis.


Innovative Solutions for Wire & Cable

Electronic equipment wirings

Fluoropolymers contribute to equipment miniaturization and allow for thinner wires and cables.

Electric wire and cables

Fluoropolymers are widely used as a coating material on wires and cables due to their excellent electrical characteristics.

Wiring for IT infrastructure

Fluoropolymers have excellent high frequency performance and best in class dielectric characteristics, necessary for high speed communication equipment such as Ethernet.


The E-motor and invertor are key components for electric vehicles (EVs). Fluoro polymers improve heat resistance and electrical properties at high voltages and allow for space saving designs.

Heat resistant electronic wire and cables

Durable fluoropolymer coated wires and cables are used in a variety of applications in harsh environments, such as power supplies, communication systems, automobiles, and chemical plants.

Biomedical robots

As pharmaceutical manufacturing robots are regularly sterilized, they use fluoro materials with excellent chemical resistance in their wiring and coatings.