Daikin America Coating Powders and Polymer Additives

Daikin America: Coating Powders and Polymer Additives

Daikin manufactures and sells a variety of fluoropolymers in dry powder or liquid dispersion form for electrostatic spray coating, rotational lining and coating, liquid dispersion coating, as well as to be used as additives in other plastics. Daikin’s fluoropolymer powders and dispersions allow for the processor and end user to take advantage of the properties of fluoropolymer materials and to utilize those properties to either enhance the processing of other plastic materials, or to impart improved characteristics to the final part or coated surface.

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FEP Powders and Dispersion Coatings

Daikin provides FEP as a dry powder for electrostic powder coating, and as a liquid dispersion for liquid coating and for impregnation of a variety of media. FEP coatings impart a smooth, chemically resistant and inert surface for uses in the chemical processing industry, cookware, and other demanding applications.

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ETFE Coatings

DAIKIN ETFE Powder has high chemical resistance and inertness. ETFE powder coating also has high mechanical strength and stiffness. It ranks highest in terms of abrasion resistance compared to PTFE, FEP, and PFA. ETFE coatings show tolerance to continuous temperature of low -100 degrees C to high 150 degrees C.

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PFA Powders and Dispersion Coatings

Daikin PFA Powder and dispersion coatings have extremely high temperature resistance as well as excellent surface release properties. They are used in consumer and institutional bakeware and as release coatings on conveyors used in automated cooking and baking processes. PFA coatings are also used in semiconductor high purity chemical storage and handling equipment, as well as vessels and piping for the chemical process industry.

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PTFE Lubricants and Additive Powders

Daikin makes PTFE powders for use as additives in other conventional plastic materials. Daikin MPA PTFE powders, when combined with other flame retardants, can provide UL94 VO (US Plastic flammability standard) for polycarbonate and impact modified polystyrene.

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PTFE Micropowders

Daikin has developed Micropowders based on Fluorine technology. With solutions, available for greases and conventional plastics such as polyamide, polyacetal, polyester, polycarbonate and TPE, they impart intrinsic properties of fluoropolymers. Daikin Micropowders reduce the coefficient of friction, improve water contact angle and improve scratch resistance.

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Polymer Processing Aids

DAIKIN PPA processing aids are specifically designed for use in blown and cast film extrusion, but can also be used during wire and cable extrusion, sheet and pipe extrusion, blow molding, and during the manufacture of fibers. DAIKIN PPAs are designed for use in LLDPE, MLLDPE, HDPE, PEX, PP, PET, PBT, and PA. Benefits are reduced melt fracture, improved gloss, reduced gels, reduced die build up, faster color changes, reduced die pressure, lower extrusion temperature and overall higher productivity and quality.

Polymer Processing Aids
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