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The success of the aerospace industry depends on the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Focusing on the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, DAIKIN develops new, innovative materials that take advantage of the high performance properties of our unique fluoro and non-fluoro materials.

Industry Trends

In the aerospace industry, fluoro materials are widely used in critical components, and highly regarded for their reliability and durability. As structural and electronic requirements become more demanding, the need for fluoro materials and similarly performing non fluoro materials are increasing.

DAIKIN’s current offerings and emerging technologies improve functionality and safety within the aerospace industry.


Innovative Solutions for Aerospace

Aircraft structural materials

Fluoropolymer films are used in CFRP production process as a mold release mechanism. Fluoropolymers allow parts to be removed without damage.

Aircraft cabin windows and in-flight entertainment systems

Daikin anti-smudge coatings are used on aircraft windows and touch panels to maintain clean and clear optics.

Fuel systems for aerospace

Daikin’s materials, such as fluoro elastomers, are designed to exceed the strict requirements for chemical and heat resistance for use in fuel systems.