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Daikin America: Aerospace

Daikin fluoropolymers have been used in the aerospace industry for many years. Applications in this market frequently require very demanding performance requirements such as high temperature, low dielectric, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and barrier properties. Engineering developers often utilize these properties either by themselves or in combinations.

When aerospace designers need materials that push the limits of traditional engineering, Daikin fluoropolymers provide the solution with products that enable them to go beyond the boundaries of their concepts.

Product Uses

Daikin offers a variety of grades of materials that are well suited to meet the demanding needs of the aerospace wire and cable market segment: high temperature abilities along with low dielectric and ease of processing.

High Temperature Release Film for Composite Manufacture

To meet the need for greater productivity and ease-of- part release from the tooling after autoclave and out-of-autoclave-curing, Daikin offers both FEP (200°C, 390°F) and ETFE (150°C, 300°F) materials to meet high temperature vacuum-bagging needs.

Surface Coatings

Daikin’s wide variety of surface coating treatments meets diverse demands in the aerospace market, whether for an anti-smudging coating on avionic displays/windows or a fluoropolymer base for the exterior painted coating of an aircraft.

Unidyne Fabric Coatings

Daikin’s Unidyne product line provides a wide variety of surface treatments for fabrics including cabin dividers, cabin carpeting, and seat cover fabrics. Our products increase stain prevention of coated fabrics and provide for easier clean-up.

Fuel Systems (-60°F and above)

FKM and FFKM fluoroelastomer sealing materials are often the material of choice for the most demanding performances requiring high temperature capabilities along with excellent chemical resistance for extended periods of time. Daikin offers the ability to provide custom FKM and FFKM compounds through our Cri-Tech division.


The use of Daikin materials are found in air filtration media; PTFE-coated fiberglass cloth is used as an effective means to provide a clean, economical way to filter the cabin air in commercial jetliners.


Daikin’s OPTOOL surface coating provides a way to treat surfaces that routinely are fouled, smeared or smudged by various substances thereby preventing them from being seen clearly or used effectively. Applications such as touch panel displays, IFE systems, or passenger windows benefit from the use of Daikin’s OPTOOL product offerings.

Exterior Aircraft Coatings

Daikin’s ZEFFLE product line offers a fluoropolymer paint base product that has proven effective in exterior applications requiring a long-term durable finish that is easy to maintain and to keep clean.