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Energy solutions

With the global population growing and industrialization on the rise in developing countries, our appetite for energy has reached unprecedented levels. By 2040, the world’s energy consumption is expected to increase by almost 50%.

Every day, Daikin contributes to future energy challenges requiring diversification, efficiency, and storage.

Industry Trends

To curb global warming, the use of renewable energies, such as wind power and sunlight, and of new energy vehicles (NEV) is growing. Therefore, technological development for power storage, power transmission, power saving, and proposals for new business models are flourishing. Lithium-ion batteries and other power storage technologies have worldwide attention.


Innovative Solutions for Energy

Lithium-ion battery

Fluoro materials used in gaskets improve long-term reliability, contributes to adhesive and oxidation resistant durability for binders.

Wind-power generation

Wind turbines operating under harsh conditions, offshore in cold regions, require fluorochemical products with excellent durability.


Fluoro-materials are used in photovoltaic power generation systems to improve weather resistance and durability while providing the flexibility of polymeric materials.