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Battery Materials

Daikin has developed to market innovative solutions to improve life cycle, safe, and high efficiency of Lithium primary battery and lithium-ion battery.

Lithium Primary Batteries

Carbon Monofluoride (CFx)
Daikin is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of CFx. CFx is used as a high energy density cathode material for specialty primary batteries. Daikin manufactures CFx in a process that ensures minimal lot to lot variability. Product consistency is critical not only for CFx based batteries but also for the coming CFx/MnO2 hybrid battery technology being developed for the U.S. Military.
CFx Brochure
PTFE Dispersion
Daikin aqueous PTFE Dispersions have long been used as binder resins for primary battery types such as specialty Lithium batteries. These PTFE resins offer outstanding chemical and thermal resistance and provide excellent support for active electrode materials under the most demanding conditions.
PTFE Dispersions Data Sheet



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Fluoropolymers are widely used because of their unique non-adhesive and low friction properties as well as their superior heat, chemical and weather resistance and superior electrical properties.