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Daikin America: ZEFFLE

Daikin’s ZEFFLE product line is an FEVE component designed to improve your outdoor and high-performance coatings and paints by making them more weather resistant, chemical resistant and enhancing their color retention.

Daikin’s ZEFFLE is perfect when you need a:

• Chemical resistant coating
• Durable exterior binder/resin
• Fluoropolymer coating
• Weather resistant coating
• Polyurethane coating
• Protective coating
• Film coating
• Anti-graffiti coating
• Coil coating
• Bridge paint
• Industrial coating

ZEFFLE extends the usable life of the coated part by increasing its durability and delaying the need for recoating or repainting.

Additionally, formulating coatings with the ZEFFLE technology allows end users to maintain their normal application schedules, whether it is on-site or in-factory.

  • The coatings developed with ZEFFLE technology are suitable for an extensive range of coated substrates including steel, copper, aluminum, concrete, wood, plastics, and glass.
  • They allow for coating formulations in a wide range of sheens, from gloss to matte finishes, and a rich palette of colors.
  • Coatings formulated with ZEFFLE can be heat cured in the factory or air cured at ambient temperature whether in winter or summer conditions.
The ZEFFLE Experience

The Chemical Composition:

Chemical Structure Advantage Over The Competition:

Climate change, UV radiation, corrosion, abrasion, moisture, and dirt are among the many outdoor challenges facing modern infrastructure. Resistance requirements for the infrastructure surfaces are as extreme as they are varied. Many coatings are designed to combat harsh conditions ZEFFLE offers the rare combination of both enhanced and long-lasting surface protection.

ZEFFLE assists in making your coating chemical resistant and weather resistant. It improves all your industrial coatings including bridge paints, film coating, coil coating, anti-graffiti coating, polyurethane coating, protective coating, and any other fluoropolymer coating.



Ultra-Weathering And Dirt Resistant Fluoro-Based Solution:

Daikin has developed a range of fluoro-based waterborne and solvent-borne resins known as ZEFFLE. This technology is dedicated to protecting infrastructure applications in markets such as Architecture, Industrial, Energy, Automotive, Transportation, and more.

Even when exposed to the most severe environmental conditions, the formulated ZEFFLE coatings help preserve a corrosion-free, clean and glossy coating appearance, enabled by its inherent hydrophobicity.

ZEFFLE Features:

  • Provides excellent self-cleaning properties and resistance to corrosion thanks to its chlorine-free composition.
  • Delivers low VOC properties with an available water-based version to meet the most demanding regulations.
  • Affords excellent durability to the most sensitive surfaces, including metal, plastic, and other substrates.
  • Offers effective protection on glass and ceramics when used with a primer.

ZEFFLE outperforms standard acrylic urethane and PVDF-based coatings.



Outside Exposure Tests in Miyakojima Island, Okinawa:

ZEFFLE provides years of superior protection when compared to Acrylic Urethane coatings.  





The ZEFFLE Portfolio

ZEFFLE is a Daikin brand and product line that is derived from tetrafluoroethylene to provide paint producers the ability to make their product weather resistant, chemical resistant, and enhance color retention.

ZEFFLE resins offer long-lasting performance in field-tested applications which span 20 years and longer.


**Developmental products available for sampling

The ZEFFLE Market Applications


Is ZEFFLE a standalone coating or is it to be used in an existing coating/paint to improve the finished product’s performance?

ZEFFLE is designed to be included in the paint/coating formulation.


What substrates will benefit from ZEFFLE technology?

ZEFFLE technology works well on coatings and paints used on many rigid and flexible substrates such as metal, glass, concrete, wood, and plastics.


Is ZEFFLE available for use in solvent and water-based coatings?

Yes, ZEFFLE is available for use in both solvent and water-based coatings.


Is ZEFFLE technology suitable for use in coatings on concrete and glass barriers to prevent stains and to aid in graffiti paint removal?

Yes, ZEFFLE is suitable for concrete and glass barrier applications.


What solvents are compatible with the ZEFFLE GKV-400, a 100% solids product?

Multiple solvents are compatible with ZEFFLE and we would welcome the opportunity to review your requirements.


Does ZEFFLE technology impart or improve anti-corrosion properties of the finished product’s performance?

Yes, ZEFFLE does impart anti-corrosion properties and additional details can be found here.


Is ZEFFLE technology both hydrophobic and oleophobic?

Yes, the unique assets of ZEFFLE provide both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. For a standalone coating that provides both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, please visit our Optool page for additional information.


What crosslinkers are recommended for use with the ZEFFLE solvent and water-based products?

Multiple crosslinkers are compatible with ZEFFLE and we would welcome the opportunity to review your requirements.


What type of coatings does ZEFFLE enhance?

ZEFFLE is recommended when you need a chemical resistant coating, a durable exterior binder/resin, a fluoropolymer coating, a weather resistant coating, a polyurethane coating, a protective coating, a film coating, an anti-graffiti coating, a coil coating, bridge paints, and more.


What advantages does ZEFFLE have over other FEVE and PVDF products?

Please review ZEFFLE Product Introduction.