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Positively Innovative

We focus on genuine innovation to enable our partners

around the world to achieve real results.

Daikin America: New Possibilities for Everyday Living

Daikin has been a world leader in the development, manufacture and sales of fluoromaterials since the 1935.

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Daikin is renowned for providing the highest quality products and leading its markets through the innovation of new materials demonstrating its commitment to solving its value chain partner’s problems.

As the world continues to advance, Daikin is committed to meet the challenges of today and of the future with technologies that make a difference and enable superior solutions for society. Daikin will remain the partner of choice for customers in the many industries our products serve through a combination of its world class quality, innovation, and service.

Daikin’s fluoropolymers and chemicals, with their wide range of unique properties, are ideally suited for use in aerospace, architecture, automotive, consumer cookware, energy storage, filtration, home goods, industry, medical, nonwovens, optics & displays, paper & packaging, oil & gas, renewable energy, semiconductor, textile & fabric treatments and wire & cable.


Real results

We concentrate on results-driven contributions to our partners through close engagement and forward-looking solutions.

Innovative solutions

We understand our markets and applications. Using forward-looking marketing, we propose innovative solutions that meet our partners’ needs.

Global footprint

We have global operations in technical service, sales and marketing, and customer service; as well as manufacturing sites around the globe.

Our people

We are inspired innovators, taking pride in the integrity of our products, services and brand.