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Daikin’s DAI-EL fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer products provide excellent high temperature and aggressive fluid resistance in sealing and fluid transport applications for automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical process, small engine, and other harsh sealing environments.

DAI-EL Selection Guide

Welcome to the DAI-EL Selection Guide! The chart below is recommended for those customers who already have an application and processing method in mind. To explore the DAI-EL product line, including base polymers, by choosing properties important to you, please use the guide on the second page. These guides only contain our most popular grades so if you cannot find a grade that satisfies your requirements, please contact the technical service team today.

To use the chart below, identify the row that most closely matches your product type and processing method. Then determine which column contains the attribute most important to the success of your product. Start your project with the grade(s) in the cell where these two intersect.

Daikin America DAI EL Selection Guide IMG

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To use the chart below, please begin at either G-384 for bisphenol curable grades or G-801 for peroxide curable grades. Examine which property improvements are possible, select an improvement, and continue this process until you have reached a satisfactory grade to start your project. This guide is not an exhaustive representation of all DAI-EL grades so if you cannot find a product that perfectly matches your requirements or for any questions, please contact the technical service team today.

Daikin America DAI EL Selection Roadmap

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