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In a world of advanced technologies and constant innovation, only offering specialty materials is not enough to provide customers the tools they need to win. Providing elite technical support is key to successful business relationships and solving technical challenges.

Daikin prioritizes being accessible to the clients, and to bring the best possible technical assistance. DAIKIN’s global presence includes an open innovation facility in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Kiyomi Tachihara, New Business Development Manager at Daikin America, Inc., shared the role of the applications laboratory in San Jose, California.

How does being close to start-ups and technology companies in the Silicon Valley helps you become more efficient in supporting their projects?

The laboratory in San Jose helps us respond quickly to the local technology demand. It allows direct communication with engineers and designers, rapid initial technology assessment, and enhanced proof of concept (POC) support in the case of new developments. Today, our customers can gain a deeper understanding of Daikin technologies. They have the ability to make quick product performance and feasibility checks in our facility in San Jose.

Daikin’s San Jose office is well equipped with advanced processing equipment types such as a PVD coater, a dispenser & spray coater, as well as spin coating, dip coating, UV curing and other advanced equipment.

This state-of-the-art facility aims to meet and surpass the highest quality standards. Our goal at the San Jose office is to help our clients quickly meet application requirements by jointly solving manufacturing and performance challenges. The laboratory implements reliable coating processes (raw material quality, surface preparation) based on final product performance targets.

The San Jose office is also well equipped with testing equipment such as:

  • Steel wool tester
  • Eraser tester
  • Taber abrasion tester
  • Contact angle tester
  • Friction tester
  • Haze meter
  • Gloss meter

With this testing equipment, our Daikin engineers and technicians evaluate not only the performance and composition of paint and coating layers, but they can also manipulate the structure to meet customer performance requirements. The Daikin team is committed to meeting our clients’ requirements, starting with product development and providing testing and technical service, to ensure total customer satisfaction.