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Daikin America, Inc. announced a price increase today which will go into effect on January 1, 2014.

The increase will affect all fluoropolymer and fluorochemical products by up to 10%. The adjustment is necessary to offset rising costs and to ensure the product quality, reliability and service that the customers expect. Daikin’s long term commitment to the fluorochemical market is underscored by the recent $66 million production capacity expansion in Decatur, Alabama facility. This investment bolsters Daikin’s supply stability and prepares them to meet their customers growing demand.

Daikin America, Inc., headquartered in Orangeburg, New York, is one of the largest fluoropolymer suppliers in the world. Daikin provides molding resins, fine powders, aqueous dispersions, melt processable fluoropolymers, and fluoroelastomers for many critical applications.

Daikin America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd of Osaka, Japan. Daikin is Japan’s leading manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and fluorochemical products.

For further information, please call 1-800-365-9570.