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Daikin R-407H refrigerant is the economical, energy-saving, low GWP (1380) solution.

Learn more about the full line of refrigerants from Daikin, the world leader in air conditioning.

Your hot new refrigeration system deserves our cool new refrigerant. Daikin R-407H is based on the proven chemistry of R-32, R-125 and R-134, making it the best solution for new refrigeration systems.

In commercial refrigeration, to meet the ever-changing global regulations, R-404A will need to be replaced for your new systems and retrofits. You’ll also be looking to replace R-22 to adapt to the increasing marketplace pressures to decrease operating costs. Daikin’s new, patented R-407H is the solution you’re looking for.
Daikin R-407H is a new generation replacement for R-404A type systems and the best in class retrofit for R-22. It is built on the proven chemistry of R-32, R-125 and R134a to provide a pressure and temperature match to R-404A and R-507 with a lower GWP, equivalent capacity and better efficiency.
It is perfect for refrigeration applications such as supermarkets, standalone refrigerators, walk-in coolers and remote condensers. You’ll find it more cost efficient than competitors in the initial fill and over the long term. While also being more energy-efficient providing a 3-7% decrease in annual energy consumption compared to current alternatives and up to 12% more energy efficient than R-404A.

Knowing it’s from Daikin should be is a great comfort to you. Because as the world leader in air conditioning, we depend on our refrigerants. So you know you can, too.

To request a sample or to learn more about R-407H please call 1-800-365-9570.