About Daikin America

Daikin America: Oil & Gas

Daikin has a wide portfolio of fluoropolymers and fluoroelastomers to meet the demands for chemical resistance and extreme temperature range that parts and seals are exposed to in the oil & gas market.


Daikin PTFE molding and fine powders are available to meet the various properties required and are well suited for a variety of demanding chemical, mechanical and non-stick surface applications.


Daikin high purity PFA resins are fully fluorinated polymers specifically designed for demanding applications. ETFE and FEP polymer grades offer a more affordable alternative to high purity PFA. ETFE also provides better mechanical strength than PTFE, PFA, and FEP.


Daikin DAI-EL offers the most complete line of fluoroelastomer products in the world today: DAI-EL low temperature polymers, peroxide cured terpolymers and copolymers, bisphenol cured terpolymers and copolymers as base polymers (gums), and cure incorporated precompounds. Our Cri Tech facility produces high quality fluoroelastomer compounds for a wide variety of oil and gas applications.

Product Uses

Oil and gas products made with Daikin fluoropolymers resins and fluoroelastomers are as follows: